14 Nov 2012


From: OEN Shop

One of my closest of friends turns 21 this weekend and I ordered this beautiful product for him, courtesy of the OEN shop from Cambridgeshire, England. He probably won't be reading this so we should be ok (although if you are, just act surprised or something when I come round later this week).

Crafted by Tokyo-based creative Yumiko Iihoshi is the Utage Tool in beige. With all pieces individually handmade, it has wonderful properties and features unique to each item, while the box space is free to use however one likes and the wooden cover (also handcrafted of course) should age over time and use. I really love this piece, and indeed the rest of the ceramic collection by Yumiko Iihoshi Porcelain. I have a feeling ceramics are going to be my next thing...

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