22 Dec 2012


There was a standout update in the latest Carnaby newsletter I received, namely a new steak place on Beak Street had just opened. Pushed as tasty and affordable, I had to give it a go and soon! Luckily for me I have a friend who would prioritise a steak meal over anything else in his life. I think I'm serious.

Anyway, we had the pleasure of visiting on Friday and we were not disappointed. Serving a sufficient portion of Butler's cut for a flat rate of £10, accompanied by a cute baby lamb leaf salad, it was so very on point. Salt and pepper was all the seasoning I needed, the meat tender and rich. And, taking full advantage of the trend in rustic style dining and the independent store boom, it was an excellent experience, all from the friendly service to the traditional tableware, not to forget the complimentary dripping flavoured popcorn. I'm no food critic, but the point is I loved it. As a tip, order yourself the roast aubergine side dish with your steak!

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