15 Dec 2012


This was lunch yesterday. Went out to a good local Taiwanese restaurant with my mum, having missed the last day of term thanks to a fat ass hangover.

All because of the night before, in which the JFC coaches and I had a wicked evening out. The occasion - saying goodbye to another member of the team, as he flies out to Hong Kong for his next footballing venture tonight I believe, after six years doing what he does best with the children at JFC. The evening was also to celebrate Christmas together I suppose, and what a celebration it was too. Beer and chips at Belgo in Camden, followed by a nice Italian dinner next door at La Porchetta, before embarking on a couple of bars and ultimately Jalouse in central London. That's kind of all I remember, just a good night out with good company.

And in the same spirit, I wanted to enjoy the delicious dim sum delicacies at Leong's Legends, but my stomach was not having it. Next time, huh.

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