26 Dec 2012


Fast becoming a tradition, my friends and I had a feast of a Christmas lunch yesterday for the second consecutive year. I'm not one to brag, and I know many people have lots of food on December 25, but trust me when I say we had LOTS of food. A £160 grocery shop for five people is what it took to pull off this massive meal. And pull off we did, it was fucking delicious.

The main dishes included chicken in a pork joint and duck inside turkey, each wrapped in bacon and filled with stuffing. Sure it doesn't sound all so great for our arteries but they were exquisite. We weren't short on vegetables either with butter sautéed root veg, asparagus, salad and my personal favourite, brussel sprouts. Enjoyed with some ginger beer, good wine and mulled cider, it was quite the satisfying lunch. It may be stuffed appetites and pounding heads this morning, but for sure it was worth it. Merry Christmas.

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