10 Jan 2013


From: Visuelle
From: Teenage Engineering

This is handsome bit of kit is called OD-11, apparently the world's first 'cloud speaker' by Teenage Engineering, set to arrive this summer and currently available on pre-order. I'm not sure what this exactly means or how exactly it works, but the speaker is specifically made for listening to cloud music. Combining an amplifier, wi-fi and sound processor in its 10-litre volume, this is supposed to be the first of its kind. I don't know how many people actually use cloud storage for their music, nor do I know what's wrong with the speakers already out there, but if we just take a moment to look at the design aesthetics, this is one beautiful machine! Sleek, sharp and simple, I would kill to have this chilling in my room. Like a boss, there I said it.

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