6 Feb 2013


This is the new video by a very special duo from Copenhagen and Toronto called Rhye. Inspired by 60s soul and classical music, they have created a beautifully collected yet explosive style. Think along the lines of The xx, Bon Iver, Beach House, Sade, The Weeknd. No wonder I like it so much. There's even a hollow emptiness not dissimilar to Ellie Goulding's new material. There's absolutely nothing unnecessary with every word and every instrument considered and just right, it immediately hits a chord with our emotions and that kind of power is rare. The point is, it's fabulous and I've just discovered them this week.

With two short EPs released to date, there's a strong desire for all fans concerned to hear a full album which is indeed due out in March entitled "Woman". There are two other videos as well for "The Fall" and a more explicit debut version for "Open", both well worth watching. They're another artist I'm adding to the watch-out-for-in-2013 list, straight to the top in fact. I'm in love.

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