1 Mar 2013


February was a crazy month. Deadlines aplenty amongst periods of heavy work. But then it always is isn't it... Sure enough I slacked behind on the Blog here (after what was actually a really active month with 24 posts in 16 days), but I would have liked to have kept going. After all, I set the Blog up with it in mind to keep a record of my day-to-day, very much including the busyness. So, sorry self.

During that time though, I excelled in my latest university project with a campaign for the London Underground that I probably got a little too excited with actually. Victate's 2013 collections are coming together beautifully, as well as a 2012 overview publication being printed as we speak (as I type). And I've been wearing our new jeans, EXP001, pretty much every day impatient to see the slightest glimpse of fade or wear appearing. Most importantly perhaps, I controversially added a 17th board to my Pinterest page (gasp), focussing on lovely print, magazine spreads and layouts. Hell yes. Do check it out.

And thus my daily input of rambling shall continue this March if you wouldn't mind reading. Ta.

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