4 Mar 2013


I had the pleasure of attending my first gig of the year last week, watching Danish artist MØ perform at Electrowerkz in Angel, London. Another formidable example of Scandinavian pop music's ever-rising talent, Karen Marie Ørsted treated us to a wonderfully energetic set with a most youthful and carefree hour or so of eclectic electropop.

The venue was like an open warehouse consisting of the stage room and adjacent to it a lounge-type area with a bar, sofas and foosball table (which kept us highly entertained by the way). We were fortunate enough to witness MØ so effortlessly execute her music from the front row in what was a perfectly intimate little gig. Smoking outside afterwards, she told us that an album was in the works though admittedly taking its time, but if we can comfort her at all it's that we enjoyed every track she played and I'm thoroughly excited to hear it all produced on a record.

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