11 Mar 2013


As I've mentioned before, I've been very lucky to be involved with ICDC, a group of designheads over at Imperial College. That fortune culminated in two recent visits to the world's leading design consultancy, Pentagram. Under guidance from one of their longest serving partners in Daniel Weil, we were able to immerse ourselves in his über-rich workshops, filled (and indeed overflowing) with sheer wisdom. My respect and admiration for him are sky high and to have had the opportunity to be his student, albeit extremely temporarily, is one of priceless value to me.

Across the six hours, we heard about his story, his work and perhaps most importantly his views, where more often than not I found myself nodding along in agreement. And awe, actually. It was a unique setting, whereby we were visiting mainly as a group of engineers at one of the world's finest higher education institutions, with myself just absorbing as much I possibly could knowing that it would be so so useful for my design practice. We also got the chance last week to present some of our own thinking and it was highly interesting to hear the creative processes of a predominantly science-oriented set of people, whilst I too was able to share my developing intuition and I'm so pleased it was taken rather well. To talk design, the topic I feel most enthralled by in my life really, with someone who not only has as much knowledge and experience as Mr Weil does, but also with someone who truly epitomises passion and express such joy for the topic, was an experience I will forever cherish and appreciate.

I really hope that that's the last time I get to meet and converse with him, but if it is I've taken plenty on board to work with. Do take a look at some of the latest things he has been doing, because he is quite frankly amazing. I am inspired.

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