16 Mar 2013


This week marked the second year of passing from the huge earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan in March 2011. Japanese Societies of London universities joined forces to put on a cool show at Imperial College's Metric venue on Thursday with a whole bunch of guests performing for the cause. The band I play with were amongst the acts and we got to do a short set in front of an enthused crowd, many of whom have strong ties with the nation and fully felt the effects of that awful happening.

The five of us have only been playing together for around 6 months and we all came in new to our instruments, so of course this was our first time performing live, and we had a blast. Mistakes aplenty on my part for sure, but I can't deny what fun it was to rock out together. We're all students at different universities and all at different stages in our studies, and indeed our lives, so it's hard to say how much longevity there is for us, but if it's possible I'd absolutely love to go do it again.

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