31 May 2013


June is upon us and I've got myself a couple of the latest zines, discounted at Magma last night thanks to the Seven Dials Shopping Party. Amongst my regular subscriptions (though not actually subscribed to) Monocle and Apartamento, I picked up the new-ish offering in the realms of alternative periodicals called Offscreen for the first time. Now on its fifth issue, I thought it's proven itself in the market and thus a good time to purchase and read.

Offscreen features the lives of people, designers and the like, who spend their working hours on a computer screen. The very idea that a piece of print explores the digital ways of life is a wonderful sentiment to the art and I'm fully behind that notion. "We invite you to turn off your device, grab a cup of coffee and meet their makers off screen."

The beautifully printed A5 publication, stiff and heavyweight, includes essays, interviews and photography, compiled into one lush production with layouts and typography that I so passionately enjoy. They've made the most of the Calluna font and its gorgeous ligatures, all culminating in a super fine looking product, and one that's right up my street. I've only read the Editor's Note and gently flicked through the 151 pages, but it appears to be a well-considered, well-written and well, wonderful little magazine that seems to be doing everything right.

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