5 May 2013


From: Cool Material

These are the latest headphones from Marshall, a name that resonates with expertise and reliability in the sound market. The Monitors are over-ear headphones in solid black with rather luxurious gold details, showing a clear desire to look good as well as to produce top quality sound. I love my current Bose set (running for a good four years now) but I couldn't say they were particularly pleasing to the eye. Zound Industries president, Konrad Bergström, talks about considerations of more than just functionality but of a holistic approach to design in its broadest scope. And I do love the coiled cord, double-ended and detachable, with mic and remote integrated too – just the way I like it.

Whilst I've not tried them out, these Monitors do look the part, and again Marshall is a brand you can trust. I am sure these would be a more than suitable replacement for my Bose OEs when the time comes.

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