3 Jun 2013


Marking my parents' anniversary, we went out as a family for a traditionally fancy dinner, as we do every year. I suppose it's quite a rare occasion in the year when we get to do that and this year was no different.

Settling on some Spanish tapas cuisine, the restaurant of choice was Barrafina in Soho, central London. We queued for an amazing two hours, as we patiently watched every seat turnover once then twice before it was our turn to be delighted, not too long before the call for last order. I say delighted, because you can probably imagine the incredible sights and infusing smells that would pass every other minute right under our noses as we waited, and I must admit (my mother and father would agree with me on this one) it was well worth it. In fact it made the meal that much better and the food was quite frankly delicious, sumptuous. The chefs, a team mixed of English and Latin, prepared the fresh seafood on the other side of the counter, gorgeously serving up the gambas and all the rest of it, making it a wonderful atmosphere indeed. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and I'd love to go again. Maybe next year.

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