18 Jul 2013


For BBC Radio 1, Mr Zane Lowe, who knows just so much about the world of music, met JAY Z in the run-up to the release of "Magna Carta Holy Grail" and in a series of 4 parts (totalling almost an hour's run time) they discuss a range of topics that is genuinely so so interesting to hear. It's a must watch for any and all music fans.

To see two human beings so engaged and so passionate for what they do sharing a conversation is absolutely fascinating. It really is a compelling interview, a sort of magic that occurs when a deep connection is found and when two angles can meet so on point, it's something I can't help but feel overwhelming admiration and awe for. The respect they hold for each other, the way they feel each other's words and the emotions they share together – I mean that's cool.

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