29 Aug 2013


From: NIKE, Inc

The Tech Pack by Nike Sportswear has arrived with some significance, as its release has frankly been the story of the week. And from what I've seen and read, it probably deserves to be. Nike have been pulling away from its competitors to become the indisputable dominant force in sportswear, always innovating and advancing its function and technology, and this is another example of that.

The Fleece Collection is only the first drop for Tech Pack with much more to come, but it is without question an impressive start. In a series of inspired models, Nike appear to have nailed the balance between warmth and weight (or a lack of it) to ensure comfort and functionality whilst maintaining optimum temperatures in the upcoming colder season. That's something I suppose I won't know until I see it first hand and give it a try, but the shapes and aesthetics of the collection is something I can appreciate right away. The finishes look immaculate with fine details and features that are so on point to how we expect to use in a lifestyle that is evermore active. The patterns, the zips, thumbholes, pocket stitches and seams throughout their pieces look very good indeed.

"It's the modern look of sport" their copy reads, and I absolutely agree. Today is the day this collection went on sale and I highly recommend you pop down to a Nike store and check it out, I know will asap. A very smart release I think.

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