26 Aug 2013


There's a lovely independent optical boutique in Seven Dials called Spex In The City that I've popped my head into a couple times before, but last week I became an official customer as I purchased this beautiful pair of spectacles. I had lost my relatively new specs by William Morris just the weekend before (an embarrassing story I shall not be divulging here) so I had tentatively reopened my optical hunt. And I was so pleasantly surprised with these, the first pair I picked up as it happens, designed by Gillian Caplan whose store it is. They sit so naturally and comfortably on my face and the matte finish tortoiseshell just sealed it for me, and I took it. They're as good as eyewear craft goes and that's reflected in the price, but the service was ace and I'm delighted to now be owning and wearing it. Justified.

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