9 Aug 2013


Yesterday we returned from our three-day trip to the English Countryside, taking 17 of our beloved boys from JFC. I don't want to ramble on about our time there, but I would like to just make record of my feelings from the experience.

It's our fourth outing for this trip so sure I'm very much accustomed to how it works and all, but yesterday after we said goodbyes to all the kids as they went home with their parents, I really felt the sudden withdrawal. The strange stillness, absence, silence. It's that same sadness we experience as kids when your best friend has to go home after coming over to play, and not dissimilar in intensity to missing your girlfriend after a break-up, say. I really felt it. But that's not all of course, I was left with great happiness and satisfaction too – we had a fucking great trip. And so much of it was down to the sheer goodness of our boys, I can't stress just how amazing they all are. It's real love man, emotions that any coach, teacher and indeed family live off.

What a pleasure it is to be able to impart such time and memories to these great kids; the best reminder for what a fulfilling job I've gotten myself into. Memories are probably the greatest gift we can give, huh. I'm using that line one day, copyrighted and shotgunned.

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