29 Sep 2013


The hottest artist of the year in my books, hands down, has been the electropop trio from Glasgow, CHVRCHES. I've written lots about them on the Blog already, and I've seen them live 4 times this year, and again next month. They're fucking great. Which is actually why I've found it difficult to sit down and write about their highly anticipated new album, always at risk of repeating my previous sentiments of praise and thus not portraying fair or genuine comment. Bear with me though.

One week ago, CHVRCHES' debut album "The Bones Of What You Believe" was finally released to the world and I've listened to it repeatedly. And it would be very easy for me to say that it's an incredible record, which it is, but that wouldn't do my love for it enough justice. The record delivers on all counts of expectation and then some. We've heard quite a handful of songs over the past 12 months in the form of singles or EPs, and a few more hints from their live set lists, so they had already made clear what we could anticipate; we've been well informed of the distinct sound that is CHVRCHES. But this album seems to show so much more than their attractive aesthetic, there's maturity and mastery that you rarely find in debut records – perhaps due to each of the band members' past experiences as musicians or from the undeniably comfortable chemistry that they share as a threesome. The 12 tracks (14 for the Special edition) just flow effortlessly and seamlessly from start to finish, carrying the right contrast and continuity throughout – it's such an easy album to enjoy, a classic album in many ways.

Sure I'm still biased though, they had me hooked from the minute I heard "The Mother We Share" and its infectious synthpop melody, deep instrumental textures and of course Lauren's captivating vocal quality. Inspired by music and film of the 80s, whilst taking influences from hip hop, rock and pop, their electronic take is energetic and colourful, executed with sensitivity, and is little short of a masterstroke success. Plus they're extremely likeable too, holding good modesty and awareness, but they damn well have every right to feel confident in their work and ability.

They've been working hard to bring alive their work on stage, constantly improving themselves having essentially been touring all year, and I cannot wait to see them again in October at Shepherds Bush Empire, and then again at The Forum in spring. My excitement is on overload. But for now I have more than enough to satisfy my craving for the band, thanks to "The Bones Of What You Believe". It's out on sale right now and available worldwide.

Read more about my affection for CHVRCHES here.

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