9 Sep 2013


Lots of big album releases this week, and indeed this month, but today's highlight is the debut album by London Grammar, "If You Wait". Still a young band they may be, but their sound has attracted many admirers since their first EP "Metal & Dust" of February this year. And it's well worth it, because their music is genuinely beautiful. Soft and delicate, yet textured and intricate, it's drawn comparison to The xx for instance, while for me the album resembles that understated quality of Daughter.

There's definitely something about female-fronted indie bands that we're enjoying as a generation, and that is by no means a bad thing or necessarily a pessimistic view of conformity or trend. Hannah Reid's gifted vocals showcase a range of aspects from the intensity of Florence Welch to the emotion of Adele, from the darkness of Lana Del Rey to the innocence of Birdy – and it's absolutely gorgeous, hauntingly so.

The album is a precious whisper that is utterly worth taking the time to listen to. They've already been tipped for Mercury Prize nomination, they're fucking big. Just a trio of graduates from Nottingham University, they've made magic with their music. With much more to come in the near future, I'm sure you'll hear more about them from me soon, but in the meantime check out their record because you won't regret it. (And watch them cover La Roux in the Live Lounge just yesterday!)

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