24 Sep 2013


This is the official video for "Pretty" – possibly my favourite track off the album – the latest offering by The Weeknd following the big release of his first proper album "Kiss Land". It's a record I was slightly anxious to hear to be honest, not quite sure what the man who arose from such mystery and originality to the inevitable (and nowadays customary) hype that surrounds any viral success. But I feel very assured, and very impressed.

It would seem that sonically he has found his style after the differing approaches to his debut trilogy of mixtapes, working with various producers and experimenting with a range of sounds. There was of course never any doubt in his musical talent and those cold, emotionally piercing vocals that he possesses, but I am glad to be enjoying the fruits of this major release. There are some great songs on the LP including "Belong To The World" (probably none of them topping the likes of "High For This", "The Morning" or "Wicked Games" from "House Of Balloons") but great nevertheless, and I'm super excited to see him perform again, this time at the arena venue of The O2 – a huge step-up from when I last saw him in Camden. The new collection should make a fine spectacle.

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