18 Sep 2013


A new video to (re-)introduce MØ, as she talks about her work and reveals a heartfelt outlook behind the "electro indie" sound that's put her in the spotlight as one of Europe's top emerging acts. I've seen her live twice, with a third occasion coming up in November at XOYO, and it's true that she is absolutely wild up on stage, dedicated to the music and living the moment, with not a single fuck given. And that's the rawness that's attracted me to MØ since hearing her material for the first time towards the start of this year, and is certainly one to watch for in the coming 12 months too. An EP on the way including the lead track "XXX 88" featuring Diplo, and a debut album being prepped for release soon too. For sure you'll see me go on about all that here, as and when it happens. MØ ftw.

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