3 Oct 2013


Out with a bang this week is HAIM's debut album "Days Are Gone". In fact pretty much everything that has to do with the sister act is a bang, considering how loud and excited they are together. That is, in a positive way of course – Este, Danielle and Alana have the collective personality of a bunch of sisters who sinply never grew up and it's an energy so infectious and brilliant. Hearing them as guests on radio, they don't just outnumber the DJ but out-talk, out-present and out-everything else too.

Since watching the band rock out iTunes Festival last month, I've been completely hooked to their music and this album has been a constant feature in my daily playlist. Revamping soft rock, their mix of instrumentation, raw-edged harmonies and intricate rhythms offer a refreshing indie sound that is so easy to the ear. They seem to really understand the emotions that their chords and riffs connect with, and the record shows great maturity for a band one just might associate the term 'immature' with.

Very likeable and very credible, I rate them highly and am so pleased for their success. They seem to really be enjoying themselves and taking their opportunity in the industry by storm. Flying real high right now (on a HAIM, you might say). For sure their days are nowhere near gone just yet. (Fuck, what a terrible couple sentences to end with.)

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