1 Jan 2014


London is fast becoming the city to beat with its new years celebrations, certainly up there in terms of soft power in my humble, albeit biased, opinion. And last night was no different as we Londoners were treated to another magnificent display (apparently with flavoured mist and confetti in the air too for the taste buds). I watched from the comfort of my sofa at home with good company, pleasantly surprised, overjoyed even, to find the soundtrack for the 11 minute show included huge parts for my dear Ellie Goulding and artist of 2013, CHVRCHES. Thoroughly deserved acknowledgement for both, who have seen their respective careers blossom in the past 12 months. 2014 will see me attend Ellie's first arena tour at The O2 and also a double attendance for CHVRCHES' two London Forum shows in Kentish Town come March. Happy new year y'all.

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