30 Jan 2014


After the downfalls of my Bose and AIAIAI gear in quick succession, I have finally selected and acquired the replacement. Behold, my new pair of P5 on-ear headphones from Bowers & Wilkins. They've always been in the back of my mind and their quality and comfort are very good indeed. The swaying factors for me were probably most to do with the leather cups and the relatively cute size compared to DJ equipment, say. Their look is understated but fitting for the luxurious audio provision, which by the way sounds excellent so far – no gimmicks, not unnecessarily heavy in bass or treble, clean and modest sound throughout. B&W push the P5 model as the ultimate 24/7 headphones and that's something I'm going to rely on for the considerable future. They shall be used daily and I'm very pleased to have them in my possession. It's been almost a month without headphones; I should get a medal for that (to quote Ross Geller). Oh, and a shout out to Hifi Gear and Interlink Express for delivering so seamlessly.

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