12 Feb 2014


This is a brand new video for brand new artist, SOAK. She's a 17 year old kid from Northern Ireland, if I remember what I read correctly, and she is quite fantastic. You're right to be sceptical of another young 'un on the scene, but immediately apparent from this single, she is a very able songwriter and vocalist at that. With a voice of innocence and ability to captivate that perhaps goes against her hard superficial profile, she showcases incredible intelligence and heart in what is pure poetry – even if she wasn't only 17.

SOAK already has the backing of last year's stunning success story, CHVRCHES, whose newly formed label, Goodbye Records, has made her its first signing. "Blud" is the title track for her debut EP under Goodbye Records and that's set to be out on March 17. It would appear things are only just beginning but I imagine it will pick up pretty quickly. I for one am very excited about this.

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