10 Feb 2014


Now, that project I was talking about. This is it. A 120-page-plus magazine-style document that includes essays, photography, an interview and a presentation of all things print. It's an area of huge fascination for me, the state of the industry is one of confusion (not decline). As an exploration of the much-discussed subject, a careful overview of the goodness that is out there, and of course practical indulgence in layout and general put-together-ing, it's been highly enjoyable and fruitful for me (and I hope my tutors agree). I received the final copies from the printers and subsequently handed in on Friday last week, and I am delighted with its finish and actually very proud. It's the first 'real' piece of work of my own that I've invested so much effort in and it feels very good indeed to hold it in my hands. These are the feelings I wanted to record on this Blog when I started out, so here it is. Happiness, today.

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