5 Feb 2014


I am so tired. Tomorrow is my first day off in 2014 and I am so fucking grateful. Yesterday I got to submit my big final year's work to the printers, which has been a massive relief. It's a big portion of my degree and I must say I feel good with it. Still nervous to see how it's executed tomorrow or Friday, but I can do no more. And on top of that, there's been a week running around abroad plus other application shit that has just dragged on. My room is a mess, my sleeping pattern is non-existant, my social life is equally scarce and I probably look terrible too. Finally though I can breathe, focus on other things and enjoy the day-to-day again; I want to go to galleries, watch films, have beers, see friends, read my magazines, work on more exciting and less pressing things. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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