25 Feb 2014


Dropped last night for the first time is this new track by Ellie Goulding, penned for the upcoming movie "Divergent". I know very little about the film and the footage in this lyric video doesn't exactly help my understanding, but it does look like another of those with a star-studded soundtrack. It includes the likes of M83 (who's done it before for "Oblivion" quite recently), Banks, Skrillex and Woodkid – but Ellie Goulding has the biggest role with 4 contributions, with the director having spoken about her songs almost being the inner voice of the main character. Point is, I look forward to watching and hearing it all, and this track "Beating Heart" is a beautiful start. Ellie's on the radio with Zane Lowe tonight again to discuss more, just FYI.

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