17 Feb 2014


While I don't expect you to sit on a blog for 40 minutes plus, I do encourage you to play this stunning mix if you get the chance. It's Ellie Goulding's latest DJ mix of 13 brilliant tracks, exclusively for Annie Mac Presents' Free Music Monday. Mellow electronica is most prominent in this bedtime beat, featuring remixed versions for the likes of FKA twigs, James Blake, Vicktor Taiwo and The Weeknd, as well as subtle hits of Ellie Goulding herself, including her cameos on songs by Big Sean, Drake and Skrillex.

For the latter's new one "Because", found at the end of this mix, he neatly features samples from Ellie's "Figure 8" and "Hanging On" – just the way I like for my downtime music. He achieved something similar with a song called "Ride Home" for the Spring Breakers soundtrack, which again uses Ellie's vocals from "Mirror" (which itself, incidentally, was featured on the recent Hungers Games soundtrack).

A rather impromptu yet somewhat informative Ellie Goulding 101 there... Trust me, I'm all over this lady. Ask me anything.

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