6 Mar 2014


My first gig of 2014, one of six this month alone, I was at Notting Hill Arts Club last night to see Broods and MØ perform for the New Shapes event. As it was a Wednesday, I wasn't able to go until about 9pm after work, at which point Broods were already finishing up their set, although I managed to catch a couple of songs, including a flawless, dreamy rendition of their single "Bridges". But not long afterwards, it was the turn of the Danish pop star to turn up the volume and turn on the swag. It may have been my fourth time witnessing her live set, but I was no less amazed than the first three outings. Her showmanship (or is it showwomanship...) is extraordinary and her desire to engage the crowd and orchestrate this communal sense of carefree, living-in-the-moment, all-guns blazing joy is utterly impressive.

Her set spanned about half an hour, so five or six songs, including that Spice Girls cover for the very first time apparently, as well as the recent single "Don't Wanna Dance" to close an explosive night out. And she's set to do it all over again tonight with a headline gig at London's Heaven, where of course I shall be in the audience for once more. With the album release only 4 days away, I can't help but anticipate the reaching of some sort of climax tonight, having watched her for the first time exactly twelve months ago. Clearly, I'm with her all the way and with strong reason too.

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