19 Mar 2014


I've been fortunate enough to attend some of our most significant games this season: the likes of welcoming José Mourinho back versus Hull City and the league victory over Manchester City, but yesterday we got to embrace a true Blue legend in the form of Didier Drogba. A great victory first of all though and a solid performance by the team, the back four particularly stunning. Frank Lampard too probably played his best game of the season, doing all the right things from the heart of midfield. I should add that the Galatasary fans were absolutely incredible, insane even. Their vocal togetherness and volume, not to mention the creativity of their songs and chants, was so impressive — they have my admiration for sure.

I also learnt that we call Azpilicueta 'Dave' because apparently César is just too difficult. I feel sympathy for the Spaniard, but I also felt some affection towards the guys next to me who used it so nonchalantly like "well played Dave" and "great tackle Dave" as genuine comment. Anyway. As the final whistle went, all eyes turned to Didier (you can just make him out toward the left of the halfway line going in for a hug with Frank). It was an honour to watch him play at the Bridge again and the respect from the fans was wonderful to see, wonderful to be a part of as we applauded him off the field, justly the last man to do so. Even plying his trade elsewhere, he still saw that Chelsea progress through in the competition that he so graciously won us two years ago.

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