15 Mar 2014


CHVRCHES outing number six, live at the Kentish Town HMV Forum last night. It's been about five months since I last saw them so it felt good to once again be on the receiving end of their colourful hook-happy synths. The set covered pretty much every track on the album, and "Tether" in particular stood out for me as the venue became a full-scale backing chorus, collectively building up to the lines of declaration by Lauren, "I'm feeling capable of seeing the end / I'm feeling capable of saying it's over". I even caught Martin unable to resist a smile as we echoed the song back to them. Yeah, it felt good to be at a gig of theirs again. New to the setlist was the record's closing track "You Caught The Light", a perfect slow number for the encore with Martin at the mic with a second electric guitar in hand. I'm buzzing for more of the same tonight... yes, I'm going again tonight. Wasn't quite on the front row yesterday so I think I'll set off a little earlier this time.

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