28 Mar 2014


Ellie Goulding's been on the road pretty much non-stop since 2009, albeit to a global scale in more recent years, and she has said this week that come the end of the year she will be taking a break to rest and start work on a third record. That's a hugely exciting prospect given what she has blessed us with in her material up to now. So it seems this is one of the last projects we will see for the foreseeable future, as her involvement in the film "Divergent" reaches its climax with its UK premiere occurring this weekend.

Not only have four of her tracks been included, but her vocals were specially recorded with the orchestra across the score, weaved in throughout the film almost as the main character's inner voice. "Beating Heart" is her new song exclusive to the movie and its official video was released today, in which she looks beautiful, cut together with scenes from the film. It's a powerful number and I'm excited to experience at the cinema how exactly her sound has been implemented. Something tells me it won't be unsuccessful.

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