10 Apr 2014

BLOG: CHELSEA 2 (3) - (3) 0 PSG

From: Chelsea FC

I'd not had a chance to post about this yet, but I certainly wasn't going to let it pass by.

What a night. I won't dwell too much, but I would like to make one point about Chelsea's spirit. I always assumed I was biased thinking that our fight and desire, which we have shown time after time, is the best in Europe. Now though, I don't think I was being biased. Our team ethic, togetherness and perseverance is surely something unrivalled, certainly in the Premier League at least, no? That ability to capture the hearts of watching neutrals, that resilience to the very end whatever the setback (the 2010 final versus Manchester United to reach penalties, the 2012 Barcelona semi-final, the victorious final against Bayern the same year, Benfica in the Europa League final, the Super Cup match against Bayern this year, albeit we lost it in the end again on penalties). Regardless of the manager or the star player's identity, Chelsea has this deeply engrained character, in our blue blood, that I think always gives us a chance whatever the occasion. I think I'm right...

I was with my Man Utd boys on Tuesday, as we together continued our Champions League affair of offering mutual moral support throughout these quarter-final ties. Shame your journey has come to an end, but I sincerely hope your support shall continue as the Blues face another two fights in the semis. #KTBFFH

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