14 Apr 2014


These trips we that we do at JFC — stadium tours, camping, holiday clubs — always drain every last drop of energy from you, thus explaining another few days' absence from blogging. But that's not due to a tough workload or stress — it's simply a case of spending so much time playing, just like a kid who spends an entire day at a friend's house. Being with my boys, I feel like a kid again, messing about and laughing away for hours on end.

It was a trip organised in a really short space of time, giving our members less than two weeks' notice, but our boys happily pulled through and we managed to enjoy a wonderful two days out at West Ham. It's been two years since our previous visit, but with a different bunch of little 'uns with us it felt fresh and it was enormous fun. I took my Lumix out with me so there's a ton of lovely photographs and video footage that I hope to make something out of not too long in the future. Memories to cherish.

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