1 Apr 2014


Fast stamping her name in R&B royalty, BANKS paid London's KOKO a visit last night as she embarks on her first headline tour. I'd seen her support The Weeknd last year so I was somewhat prepared for her sexy aura, but she turned it right up yesterday. It's as if she carries her music throughout her entire body, gently grinding and waving to every rhythm — and you can feel it resonate across the room as she releases that energy and that emotion from her voice. There's no filter from heart to throat and I was so drawn to that directness and raw, rough-at-the-edges quality. She's an incredible artist.

She performed all the tracks that are out there currently, spanning both the "Fall Over" and "London" EPs, as well as recent session covers of Aaliyah and The Weeknd — a real treat to close the show. In the mix were also a couple of unheard songs, gems from her upcoming album (said to be released in summer this year) including one called "Goddess" that was particularly memorable. She has a way of taking 90s influences and turning out unique blends of modern production and sultry classic, especially with her powerhouse number "Brain" which I've said before is my favourite track of the year and it sounded amazing live. She can deliver some big ass notes, I tell you.

It was a mesmerising evening, or experience even, and a perfect way to close a month of six super gigs. Plus I got myself some memento merchandise (of course) in the form of a BANKS t-shirt. Next up is SOHN later this month. Oh how I have fun.

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