21 Apr 2014


Kate Moross has opened her very first solo show, held at Cob Gallery in Camden, and it runs until Thursday this week. Packed with her multitude of brilliant work, it's like a step into her wonderland and I'm so pleased I got to see it yesterday.

She's a renowned graphic designer and illustrator, epitomised by colour and vibrance, unique quirk and a work ethic that is second to none. It's the latter upon which the "Make Your Own Luck" project is born from, with the focal point a self-written book that not only showcases her impressive roster of work but tells a first-hand narrative of her attitude toward the industry as a voice to help increase any budding creative's chance of 'making it'. I've been fascinated by her aesthetic and ethos since I first stumbled upon her work (I think in the form of a Jessie Ware video) but the relentless attention to detail and natural charisma you can find with every pen stroke is just so mouthwateringly good. Walking around the modestly sized exhibition space, the sheer volume and variety of produce and discipline is an impact in itself, as well as that flair of personality unmistakably present everywhere you look — even in the set of nonchalantly placed 8-set of oil-based marker pens by Zebra, which I presume is used as part of her daily rituals.

For me, she's a fascinating being not only as aspiration and working example of success from hard work, but also because her style, for want of a better word, is totally unattainable for my hands. To some degree, it's a polar opposite to my more methodical and understated approach, which is perhaps most telling of my infatuation toward her work. Or it could just be the fact that we are both shiba inu owners...

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