14 May 2014


I've not been sure what to make of Michael Jackson's 'new' album, or how best to receive it. I understand there's quite a bit of unreleased material, but isn't that all unreleased for a reason? Obviously I don't know the details, and I imagine we never will, but my guess is that Michael wasn't completely satisfied with them for one reason or another. A man of such keenness for perfection and precision to detail, I can't see him to be too happy with not being able to oversee the finishes to the now-released unreleased songs. Know what I mean?

So, equally, I don't know what to think of this JT duet. I love them both as musicians so it's actually a dream collaboration and I'm aware they had a personal relationship, which is good at least. I suppose I do like the sentiment of the music video for this track, Love Never Felt So Good — bear in mind how almost impossible a task it is to make a Michael Jackson music video without the man himself and to do him justice — but this celebration of his legacy or his message for music's greater role in the world is an idea I really like. It's a nice homage, if you like, including kids moving to clips of Michael's iconic videos of the past. That's cool.

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