27 May 2014


La Roux hand-delivered tonight's Hottest Record in the World for Zane Lowe on his Radio 1 show with the world exclusive play of her first official single off the upcoming new record. It's called Uptight Downtown and it's outrageously funky.

She discussed her new project as a 'freer' sound than her über-successful debut album and aesthetically it's clear from the offset. This groove-heavy, bop-enducing number with its gorgeous old-school drums and guitar, as well as Let Me Down Gently definitely carry a confidence and, to some extent, playfulness and enjoyment that extends further than the more synthetic, mechanic sounds of 2009 (which was and is brilliant too). But it's just really pleasurable, for want of a better word, listening to new La Roux. Maybe it is the culmination of anticipation and sheer wait that adds to this feeling, or just the awakening reminder of her slick vocal quality and visionary musical talent. Whatever it is, I love it and I'm so, so pleased that she's back. (And it's wonderfully clear how pleased she is herself.) The new album "Trouble In Paradise" arrives in July. Not long to go now.

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