9 Aug 2012


The vision of London 2012 was to leave an Olympic legacy, to inspire a generation. Words we've heard time and again here in London. I personally haven't been able to get to a venue, only to the Rowing Village, and so my spectacle has been restricted to the television. Even that's been difficult with the little free time I've had recently. But just the other day, I think Tuesday, when Team GB collected a threesome of medals in Laura Trott, Victoria Pendleton and Chris Hoy, I was able to watch all the action live from the Velodrome in the office. And I loved it: I was entertained, I was thrilled, I was truly inspired.

I particularly enjoyed the Sprint, in which Pendleton took her silver. It was the first time I had watched the sport, but I am telling you I was hooked. The concept of racing four laps on that high-speed track means much is tactical, with it being near impossible to literally sprint the whole thing. The involvement of human character is fantastic, having to beat your opponent not only in speed and skill, but mentally also. I mean, it's just great when they roll at the start for half the race, travelling slower than a tortoise, with the one at the front constantly looking back like a cat and mouse chase. For me, it completely embodies the philosophy of sport and I think that's why I love it so much. Plus it's not too long, not too short, filled with plenty of adrenaline and emotion too. Perfect.

And yes, I'm so up for giving it a go. Not sure how one gains access to a velodrome just like that, but this is a sport I would love to take up. And let's be honest, wouldn't it be an absolute dream to compete in the Olympic Games?! I feel like a kid but it's really excited me. So well done for that Seb.

Finally, this is apparently the video that is played on the Velodrome screen before every event. Made by Crystal CG and with the music of Chemical Brothers. It's so fucking cool! Wish I was there...

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