29 Aug 2013


New in from MØ is this fresh track called "XXX 88", co-produced by Diplo. Zane Lowe just premiered it on Radio 1 within the hour and it is so epic. With a summer anthem sort of vibe, it's another high-paced, energetic showcase of MØ's yearning for youth. She's promised a record in the form of a debut EP to be released shortly, to be followed with an album hopefully by the end of the year. I've got my fingers crossed and my ears firmly hooked to her extraordinary sound.


Following on from that video for "Picasso Baby", Jay Z continues to question the model of the music video with this official 'visual' for "Holy Grail". Certainly an art form in its own right, what do you think? As for the song, he talked about it with Zane Lowe in that epic four-part interview earlier this summer, but there's a gritty rawness to Justin Timberlake's vocals that add so much depth and emotion to this number that is probably the best of the album. The two of them have found a way to make magic happen during their time together, that's for sure.


From: NIKE, Inc

The Tech Pack by Nike Sportswear has arrived with some significance, as its release has frankly been the story of the week. And from what I've seen and read, it probably deserves to be. Nike have been pulling away from its competitors to become the indisputable dominant force in sportswear, always innovating and advancing its function and technology, and this is another example of that.

The Fleece Collection is only the first drop for Tech Pack with much more to come, but it is without question an impressive start. In a series of inspired models, Nike appear to have nailed the balance between warmth and weight (or a lack of it) to ensure comfort and functionality whilst maintaining optimum temperatures in the upcoming colder season. That's something I suppose I won't know until I see it first hand and give it a try, but the shapes and aesthetics of the collection is something I can appreciate right away. The finishes look immaculate with fine details and features that are so on point to how we expect to use in a lifestyle that is evermore active. The patterns, the zips, thumbholes, pocket stitches and seams throughout their pieces look very good indeed.

"It's the modern look of sport" their copy reads, and I absolutely agree. Today is the day this collection went on sale and I highly recommend you pop down to a Nike store and check it out, I know will asap. A very smart release I think.

27 Aug 2013


We heard Banks' stunning new track produced by SOHN earlier this month and now she has revealed the official visuals to accompany the sultry number that is "Waiting Game". She has a new EP out soon, with this the lead song, "London" to be released on September 10. And I look forward to it.

26 Aug 2013


There's a lovely independent optical boutique in Seven Dials called Spex In The City that I've popped my head into a couple times before, but last week I became an official customer as I purchased this beautiful pair of spectacles. I had lost my relatively new specs by William Morris just the weekend before (an embarrassing story I shall not be divulging here) so I had tentatively reopened my optical hunt. And I was so pleasantly surprised with these, the first pair I picked up as it happens, designed by Gillian Caplan whose store it is. They sit so naturally and comfortably on my face and the matte finish tortoiseshell just sealed it for me, and I took it. They're as good as eyewear craft goes and that's reflected in the price, but the service was ace and I'm delighted to now be owning and wearing it. Justified.


From: Universal Music

I have enjoyed Ellie Goulding's second album "Halcyon" so much. Its play count is probably higher than any other album in my library this year, or at least it's certainly up there, and it's because I am in love with her and her talent. Her songwriting is one thing but her voice is just something else and I can't get enough of its angelic haze. I absolutely loved her debut album and it's what got me into her music in the first place, but the 2012 follow-up was too on point. The dubstep-infused hits of electronic production works wonders with Ellie's qualities and if you've not listened to it, I strongly recommend you must. She's more than a chart pop princess.

Today is the release day for "Halcyon Days", the repackaged edition of said album with 10 new tracks in addition to the 18 from the previous deluxe issue. It makes complete sense with another UK headline tour looming for autumn, as she grows ever stronger as an artist. Amongst the new tracks include collaborations with BURNS, DJ Fresh, Madeon and Nate Ruess of Fun., as well as a number for the upcoming Richard Curtis film, that ridiculous alt-J cover and of course her first ever (two-time) UK No. 1 single "Burn". In case you hadn't noticed, this is a big release.

Her success both here in Britain and across the pond in the US is so thoroughly deserved. She plays the iTunes Festival on September 22, supported by Laura Welsh (who by the way is another young talent we should definitely keep our eyes peeled for, I like her!) and I have my fingers crossed to win tickets for what promises to be an epic night.

25 Aug 2013


I was at Reading on the Friday, so very luckily invited by a friend with a spare wristband. And what a sweet little lineup I had available at the Festival Republic Stage, including Half Moon Run, MS MR, MØ and CHVRCHES. Wow, only like my favourite artists of the year under one roof. And it was awesome.

Half Moon Run's 3pm slot had a great crowd and it really showed, with the band bouncing off our energy and vice versa for what was such an enjoyable set as they performed tracks off their debut album "Dark Eyes". MS MR followed straight after, who I had missed seeing last month at their London gig. A really confident and talented duo, I'm so glad I finally got to watch them. And then it was MØ for my second time and CHVRCHES for a third, both from the front row and both absolutely amazing. That Danish girl has so much prowess it's mesmerising, and as for the electropop outfit from Glasgow, they performed two new songs I hadn't heard before in "Lungs" and "Night Sky" as they approach ever closer to the release of their highly anticipated debut record "The Bones Of What You Believe". It's definitely the highlight of what's quite a packed September in terms of musical releases, amongst which awaits Birdy, Haim, The Weeknd and Justin Timberlake to name a few.

I also got to see Green Day headline the main stage as well as Skrillex's massive rave in the NME/Radio 1 tent to finish off the night and indeed a great day out at Reading Festival. So high right now.



21 Aug 2013


From: Designboom

"Durable" and "sustainable" were particular buzzwords for this nifty new product by Australia-based brand, Charlwood Design. Uppercup is a smart reusable solution to our daily caffeine needs and it looks remarkably attractive in its form. The technology is there too, with it being made of a rigid yet environmentally friendly plastic (called Tritan) in a cute and comfortable shape, and with clever features too like a splash-proof spout and heat insulation. All sounds very good and very cool.

20 Aug 2013


From: Common Projects

This is just one model out a dozen or so that forms the Fall/Winter 2014 collection by Common Projects. With chunky rubber soles and a premium suede upper that smells only of quality, these are simply top pick shoes that I don't think I can fault in any way (or not with my eyes anyway). They look perfect.



"Flourish // Perish" is the second album by Canadian band, Braids. Now I've not heard their 2011 debut album but I definitely want to. This new record treads on some goldmines with its experimental electronic flavour, creating a real ethereal mood, and very much a work of art. And you'd be a fan if you enjoy Blue Hawaii, Four Tet, Björk or even Bat For Lashes. I'm not saying they're similar in sound, but they all seem to hit a mutual emotion that I personally hold great affection for. The album was released today so go listen to it.

19 Aug 2013


Yes, there I was at Stamford Bridge for the return of the Premier League, and indeed the return of one José Mourinho. What an atmosphere, as the entire stadium was high in anticipation, just electric. And a fittingly intense first half ensued, as our speed and creativity in the attacking half was there for all to see, like we arrived with a bang. Even Mourinho himself claimed after the game that he'd never seen a performance like it, and particularly not for a debut game of the season. Sure we could have scored far more goals, but I'm buzzing to have been there, to have seen and felt it all as Chelsea got underway for 2013/14. We were fierce.

18 Aug 2013


From: Colossal

"Unlikely, but not impossible" he says, Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso on his fascinating series of contradictory concepts "Improbabilità". It's a nice play on design and very likeable I think you'll agree.


I'm slightly disappointed in myself that I only heard this track for the first time today. Cedric Gervais' remix of Lana Del Rey's superb song and one of my favourites, "Summertime Sadness". It was released in February but it's been high in the charts in recent weeks, number 4 still today. Must be Lana power.

17 Aug 2013


Zola Jesus has a new record coming out called "Versions", featuring classical re-workings of some of her past material. It includes though a brand new single altogether "Fall Back", a beautiful track beautifully sung, twisted with eery orchestral strings, and whilst it lacks the deep synth beats for which we know her best, she still maintains that chilling effect. The live musical arrangement adds a fresh sensation of power and climax that suits her style like a duck to water. The 10 track album is to be released on August 20.

15 Aug 2013


Coming very soon are these two sport-inspired summer vests. I'm just receiving them over here in London now and they'll be prepped and made ready for sale later this month.

12 Aug 2013


"She Cut Me" is the new single by the brilliantly talented musician that is Active Child. Taken off his upcoming EP, it's another beautifully textured number of captivating sounds. His music feels so well considered and orchestrated, I think you'll agree it's so refreshing to hear. There isn't much else information on the forthcoming arrival of his EP just yet, but this track ought to be a good demonstrative teaser for the follow-up to his gorgeous debut album "You Are All I See".

10 Aug 2013


FKA twigs is the London's latest upcomer in the scene of post-dubstep, electronica-infused R&B. "Water Me" was unveiled a week or two ago, accompanied by the big-eyed video that seems to endlessly draw the slow speed and hollow depth of her music. It's a sound not dissimilar to AlunaGeorge, but more lethargic and intimate. Her vocals are the main source of power, as she chillingly utters the words soft and sweet – really captivating and really strange.

She already has a four-track EP out since December last year (under the name of Twigs), and she's set to release "EP2" come September 9, this time under the cool force of Young Turks – who sure as hell know what they're doing – and she's been working with "Yeezus" producer Arca. So it's an exciting time for her, let's see how her promising career unfolds.

9 Aug 2013


Yesterday we returned from our three-day trip to the English Countryside, taking 17 of our beloved boys from JFC. I don't want to ramble on about our time there, but I would like to just make record of my feelings from the experience.

It's our fourth outing for this trip so sure I'm very much accustomed to how it works and all, but yesterday after we said goodbyes to all the kids as they went home with their parents, I really felt the sudden withdrawal. The strange stillness, absence, silence. It's that same sadness we experience as kids when your best friend has to go home after coming over to play, and not dissimilar in intensity to missing your girlfriend after a break-up, say. I really felt it. But that's not all of course, I was left with great happiness and satisfaction too – we had a fucking great trip. And so much of it was down to the sheer goodness of our boys, I can't stress just how amazing they all are. It's real love man, emotions that any coach, teacher and indeed family live off.

What a pleasure it is to be able to impart such time and memories to these great kids; the best reminder for what a fulfilling job I've gotten myself into. Memories are probably the greatest gift we can give, huh. I'm using that line one day, copyrighted and shotgunned.