10 Aug 2014


Wow, previous post was written on July 7. Since then I've turned 22, successfully graduated from university, embarked on an internship and travelled to Tokyo. Well, that last one is more recent, news just 10 hours young actually. So apparently I'm on a summer 'hiatus' from blogging, but I will resume in September once I'm rested, refreshed and back into a routine. It will do me well for both inspiration and motivation I'm sure. For the time being though, I thought I'd do my best to keep record of my visit to Tokyo. I'm here for just over two weeks, with various plans I'm already looking forward to, and with that I shall be rather active on Twitter and Instagram, both @tleeoriginal, using the hashtag #tleetokyo. Yes, I've started my own hashtag — fuck off and leave me alone, it works. And no, you are most certainly not obliged to follow. Enjoy the rest of your summer.