29 Jun 2013



June has been tough. Probably stretched to my limits of work and energy, I feel drained. My work placement started this month, which has had me endure 6am mornings, a two hour commute and eyes on screen the entire time. As a result, I return home only to eat up and fall into bed; it fucking hurts to keep my eyes open. Now this wouldn't be so bad if I still had my off days, time to focus on other things and rest regularly (I mean let's face it, people work much crazier schedules, I know). But unfortunately for me, it's like every aspect of work in my life has climaxed simultaneously, meaning my so-called off days have been occupied as much as I am whilst on placement. Our summer tournament schedule has seen my football duties take over my weekend (on top of Victate shenanigans) and some design work I'd been busy with last month has kinda dragged on too.

It's a shame too because there's been a lot of exciting things I would have loved to post up here that have just gone by. I wanted to write more about the tournament action our boys took part in, with some performances that simply provided the pinnacle of pride as a Coach; I wanted to write about a certain Leah McFall; and you missed a very special arrival from NikeiD I've been eager to share. No reason why that can't still come though. It's a good one!

Basically, I've been an overworked wreck and I cannot wait for it to let up.

Today was actually a good day, amazing in fact, because it was my first real off day that I'd so been craving for something stupid like 4 or 5 weeks. The first day I woke up without an alarm, the first day I could chill out to my music, the first day I've been into central for ages! I live in the north of London and my work is in southeast, so I essentially do pass central London but only via the train and the only sights I get to see are the dirty black walls of the underground tunnels. Not quite the scenic view.

Anyway I had to savour this day and enjoy every minute because I can't see my next off day coming any time soon. I got to visit my usual destinations from Seven Dials, through Soho to Carnaby and even to Selfridges today. I finally got to run some well-overdue errands and indeed check out the sales (that seem to be finishing already to my surprise). I made quite a few purchases, more than usual, almost as if to compensate for my lack of attendance and release my frustrations haha – retail therapy in its most literal sense. Notably, I bought some cool things at Muji including their collarless linen shirt that's perfect for the weather right now. I also bought the latest issue of Kinfolk, aside from my regular reads, volume eight of the quarterly publication. Really looking forward to getting stuck into that, more to follow on it for sure. Yeah, a good day it was, finishing up with some rest, internet and music before my work continues on for another two weeks. Woop.

14 Jun 2013


From: Pitchfork

Today's big news comes courtesy of CHVRCHES, the band I've been borderline obsessing over all year. They are my ultimate favourite artist of the moment and so it's with huge excitement that I saw them release details for their debut album. Entitled "The Bones Of What You Believe", the Scottish threesome will set free their hotly anticipated album on September 23.

Oh! And as if that wasn't enough, there's this dope ass video for their latest synth-anthem "Gun". CHVRCHES have single-handedly made my 2013 amazing.

13 Jun 2013


My work home for another four weeks. We've been putting together a book...

11 Jun 2013


Carefree, swag, energy, youth. I'd say this video is the next best thing to watching upcoming Danish superstar MØ perform live, epitomising everything she's about and it's a refreshing sensation for sure. Big fan.

7 Jun 2013


On Thursday last week, I treated myself with some spontaneous retail at the biannual Seven Dials Shopping Party, where shops were offering 20% for one night only. I was in luck because Albam had just had a fresh delivery of their very affordable premium jeans – of course even cheaper with the discount. £68 for such good selvedge denim is a chance never to be missed!

Made with 13oz Japanese denim, and crafted in England as Albam always do, they make the perfect everyday legwear and I'm delighted to have finally copped a pair. While I'm still wearing in my Victate jeans, this new purchase offers another colourway and another challenge in the fade war. I really recommend going into one of their stores to try it on for yourself. It's available in Regular or Slim legs and I repeat it's a bargain.

6 Jun 2013


The xx have today dropped a video for one of my favourite songs off the album "Fiction". They've been keeping their summer busy with the Day + Night events that they're hosting, but have found time to make this cool video. A black and white picture, it's a little bit Gatsby-esque as Oliver Sims searches for something somewhere; Consequence of Sound hinted at his own green light. I like the dance-like movement the guys do when the beat kicks in mid-song and it's a lovely visual to lose yourself in, fitting for a piece of music that is so moving.

4 Jun 2013


Ellie Goulding dropped her ridiculously good cover of alt-J's track "Tessellate" a few days ago and this evening she has released the official video. Entitled "Une Nuit à Paris", it follows a very sexy Ellie in black and white, out on the streets of the French capital. Plus, in further news, she's tweeted to say that there's another mystery video on the way, having been out shooting yesterday. I wonder what for.

3 Jun 2013


Marking my parents' anniversary, we went out as a family for a traditionally fancy dinner, as we do every year. I suppose it's quite a rare occasion in the year when we get to do that and this year was no different.

Settling on some Spanish tapas cuisine, the restaurant of choice was Barrafina in Soho, central London. We queued for an amazing two hours, as we patiently watched every seat turnover once then twice before it was our turn to be delighted, not too long before the call for last order. I say delighted, because you can probably imagine the incredible sights and infusing smells that would pass every other minute right under our noses as we waited, and I must admit (my mother and father would agree with me on this one) it was well worth it. In fact it made the meal that much better and the food was quite frankly delicious, sumptuous. The chefs, a team mixed of English and Latin, prepared the fresh seafood on the other side of the counter, gorgeously serving up the gambas and all the rest of it, making it a wonderful atmosphere indeed. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and I'd love to go again. Maybe next year.


My Bose On-Ear headphones have been given new life (sort of) with the arrival of a new extension cable I bought on Amazon. Such exciting news isn't it...

I've had a lame cable for a over a year now and the sound's been crackling lately so it was time for change. This new acquisition is a Fisual S-Flex Mini and I am very pleased with its clean, soft, tangle-resistant lead and high grade gold-plated jack – definitely worth spending that bit more money for. And at one metre long, it's the perfect length from ear to pocket, unlike my previous one which required some make-shift coiling and wrapping. (I told you, lame.) Anyway, happiness for me and my now 4 year old headphones which have properly been worn.

1 Jun 2013


Part Three coming shortly with a photoset from my Kodak disposable camera. Read more here.