15 Feb 2013


When I had my idea and vision for what my current university project would become, I was really optimistic and keen to get going, even at the start of this very week. But this week hasn't quite materialised how I'd expected it to, filling up my time with other things like work and play (basically anything that wasn't study). Procrastination you could say. I am not pleased with myself and I thought I'd give myself a public telling off. So fucking concentrate and do it. (Yes sir...)

My recent books order included this pictured one for TfL's superb programme, which plays a key role in my very project that I must work on. I love "Art on the Underground" and let's just say I hope I can add to it somehow. Now I really must get back to work. Really.


From: Hypebeast

In the latest collaboration piece between Tricker's and Norse Projects comes this Officer's Blucher shoe in two colourways. Is it not absolutely stunning?! Shit.

The shoes have a clean minimal leather upper on what looks to be a real comfortable crepe sole contrasting in colour for the brown pair or black on black the other option. It's got an internal leather lining and waxed cotton lacing too to complete this excellent utilitarian model. It just looks so good, both of them. With such premium quality, considered functionality and traditional execution, the price tag is steep at €436. But my god it's tempting...

From: Selectism


Quarterly magazine on contemporary art and visual culture, ELEPHANT, edited by Marc Valli (the man behind niche bookshop Magma), has been around for over 3 years now and I bought myself the London issue for Autumn 2012. Attracted to the layout and print quality of the significantly sized publicaton with 208 pages of A4, I chose this issue as it provides a unique review on the art offerings of Britain's capital. I haven't read through it yet but flicking through the beautiful print, it's clear to see (and feel) the high value placed on the physical tactility and visual stimulus that magazines are excellent for. Precisely the kind of publication that stirs my love for print design.


My mysterious and weird princess Lana Del Rey has had a relatively quiet start to 2013, but that hasn't bothered me one bit with the knowledge that I will finally be seeing her perform live later in the year. But yesterday she released this new video for "Burning Desire", a track that's been used in collaboration with Jaguar's new F-Type drive. It doesn't follow her previous motion pictures' amateur, vintage style of video, instead showing a flawless Lana looking beautiful with some real teasing shots. "I've got a burning desire for you baby" indeed.


JT's return is without a doubt in full swing (of love...) and the momentum continues as he releases the official video for the album's debut single "Suit & Tie" with JAY Z. Coming in the same week as a second track being unveiled, which is a killer R&B ballad "Mirrors", music fans around the world are experiencing an absolute high. There are some good albums on the way over the next few months but this one is for sure the one I'm most exciting about. "The 20/20 Experience" arrives on March 19 in a month's time and you get the sense it's going to be epic.

Oh, and I didn't even get to talking about the video. Probably goes without saying that it's fucking cool. Justin Timberlake just cannot not look fly. And it's such a good tune!

13 Feb 2013


The satisfaction of going out in fresh gear is a feeling that will probably never wear, despite the almost disposable rate at which we get over new clothes as being new. I was lucky enough to be reminded of that sensation this week, as I strutted out the door in a pretty virgin outfit. The look included Albam's Alpine Harrington jacket, Muji corduroy shirt, Grenson Archie Vs, and of course Victate's very own denim! Pleasing.


Sigur Rós kicked off their world tour this evening and this video provides a glimpse of what to expect with "a brand new live show and new songs" as they travel the globe with an 11 piece band. The backing track is a snippet from a new song "Brennisteinn", with that killer rumbling drop which I'm digging. Unfortunately I don't have tickets to go but a friend of mine does, who I don't know too well except that she has excellent taste in music. I'm just hoping one of her friends drops out huh...


This is the new video by young Danish artist MØ for her track "Glass". From Copenhagen, her music is youthful and artistic providing more evidence to back the trend of modern Scandinavian talent. I'm actually going to a small gig of hers at the end of this month and I'm very excited. Should be a fun evening of good electronica and powerful synth drops.

11 Feb 2013


This term seems to have flown by. Another reading week, another project deadline looming. I feel good about this one though, yes there's still PLENTY to do but it's a project I've become passionate about. More on that later.

Reading week is really a week of self-discipline more than anything. My iCal for these seven days was empty until yesterday, suddenly it's totally packed. Makes me wonder when on earth I'm going to get any study done. Today was admittedly pleasant though, meeting my best friend at Soho's TAP Coffee (fast becoming a routine) where we managed to complete a loyalty stamp card in one sitting (again, fast becoming a routine). Aside from my studies, the Victate Winter '12 collection will soon see its perfect end with the release of our overview booklet that I'm finishing up now, as well as one or two other personal projects that have blossomed in recent weeks... I just can't seem to tame my busyness.


Having announced the release of his second album "Overgrown" to be out in April, James Blake drops the official video for the first single "Retrograde". It had its debut airplay on Radio 1 midweek and it's another killer tune from an artist who brought one of my favourite albums of 2011. A man of experimental sounds and exquisite production, I can't wait to hear what the sophomore effort has to offer. Rest assured it's good though.

10 Feb 2013



A major achievement fulfilled for us at Victate this week, as our very own jeans are now ready for sale, making up the last item to the Winter '12 Private Stock collection.

I know Edd's been dreaming about these for years and we're chuffed to be able to present them with you. An experimental pair for now, simply as we must yet evaluate how the denim will wear over time, but having used the world's finest denim originating from mills in Kojima, Okayama, we're confident that these are very good.

They've been made with 14oz premium selvedge denim to a tapered regular fit with a raised notched waistband and fine detailing throughout. It includes traditionally placed copper rivets, canvas-lined back pockets, hand-pressed printing and burgundy monogram leather patch pocket on each of the two indigo shades we have available, limited to just 25 pairs for now. Do have a look on our store where you can secure your own pair, raw and unsanforised, and we'd love for you to join us on what we promise will be an excellent journey.


From: Hypebeast

As part of the new collaborative capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2013 by Maison Kitsuné and Oliver Peoples, this is the Tokyo optical model with removable metal clip-ons. Available in four colorways, it takes 50s vintage influences executed with fine detailing, as one would expect from such high-profile experienced hands, including antique gold plaque and keyhole bridge. I love the black pair and also the Oliver Peoples custom 8108 with the gradient hue in particular. They're priced at $560. (I know...) Lovely collection though.


I hadn't watched this until my friend showed me the other day, but it's just brilliant. You've probably already heard, but it's the promo video for David Beckham's "Bodywear" collection with H&M (now in its third year) directed by Guy Ritchie. A simple funny story, shot really well. With David Beckham in it (in case you hadn't guessed).


From: Albam Clothing

I remember when this first came out for Autumn 2012, three crisp colourways hanging in the Monmouth Street shop window. I loved the shape of this jacket and its interesting texture, which turns out to be a lightweight Italian coated nylon. Of course I glanced at the price, a steep £209 at the time, but after a handful of newsletters informing me of a sale, further sale and so on, the Alpine Harrington was on offer (and still is) at an affordable £59. So I got it. In a tone of charcoal grey, I predict that this will see me well in London's favourite wet and cold weather, because I hear we're not quite done with that just yet... A great bargain, well done.

7 Feb 2013


Super Frank. (And congratulations to Ashley Cole too.)

6 Feb 2013


This is the new video by a very special duo from Copenhagen and Toronto called Rhye. Inspired by 60s soul and classical music, they have created a beautifully collected yet explosive style. Think along the lines of The xx, Bon Iver, Beach House, Sade, The Weeknd. No wonder I like it so much. There's even a hollow emptiness not dissimilar to Ellie Goulding's new material. There's absolutely nothing unnecessary with every word and every instrument considered and just right, it immediately hits a chord with our emotions and that kind of power is rare. The point is, it's fabulous and I've just discovered them this week.

With two short EPs released to date, there's a strong desire for all fans concerned to hear a full album which is indeed due out in March entitled "Woman". There are two other videos as well for "The Fall" and a more explicit debut version for "Open", both well worth watching. They're another artist I'm adding to the watch-out-for-in-2013 list, straight to the top in fact. I'm in love.


Right off London's Carnaby Street on Broadwick Street sits the modest coffee shop, Mozzino. Yes there's plenty of independent caffeine offerers around town but this one has fast become my favourite. Of course it starts with excellent coffee, but the qualities extend to personnel, atmosphere, food and music. I don't know his name, but the owner (who spearheads the one or two staff behind the counter) is a softly spoken kind gentleman and I feel reassurance upon entering, and that's something lacking elsewhere in recent times. And the seating is great, with options for all occasions from a big table for work or larger numbers to little sofas at the back and stools for people-watching when solo.

Just thought I'd share really. I had lunch there today and it was lovely.

4 Feb 2013


An artistic project, supported by Pitchfork, Beach House have unveiled "Forever Still". A carefully considered and put together live performance of four tracks from their stunning album "Bloom", it's a short film that showcases the sound's quality and experience. An admirable effort and excellently executed, it's a must watch.

"The basic concept is four songs performed from sunset to sunrise.
We tried to keep the edits minimal with long takes in order to focus on the energy of the songs, the landscape, and the physicality of live performance. The entire film was shot in or around Tornillo, Texas, where we recorded Bloom. Like Bloom, we hope that Forever Still is experienced as a whole, long form."


Pete, Patrick, Andy and Joe have announced a brand new LP for Fall Out Boy, a massive five years after their previous studio album. They've made some awesome music over the years, certainly with a strong presence in my own teenage soundtrack! Patrick Stump had a solo effort with "Soul Punk" which I also enjoyed immensely, a chance for him to experiment with his vocal and producing talents of which he undoubtedly has plenty. But back as a group, it's another venture altogether, and they've returned with a full-out set of news, including the 6th original album "Save Rock And Roll" as well as a huge international tour and a new single available now, "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)", which comes with an official video (embedded above). May 6 & 7 are the key dates for the release, this is so exciting!