29 Apr 2013


From: Makr

Floridian accessories brand Makr – renowned for beautiful staple pieces made of natural materials spanning bags, wallets, cases, keyholders, even stools – have unveiled their latest project, the sketchbook. In six mature colour options, the Made in USA sketchbook is Smyth sewn with a soft-touch water-resistant cover. Weighing in at 70lb, it offers 176 pages of blank canvas in a size just under A5. Personally I can't see anything wrong with it all, it may just be the perfect sketchbook (or so it's priced, available now for pre-order at $38) – have a read of what they've had to say themselves. Shipping starts in May.

"Following Makr’s vision, we aimed to create a beautiful and functional sketchbook: with a durable, water resistant cover, interior conducive to sketching/writing and an elastic closure designed to hold a writing utensil, it is intended to fit into your daily life. Though it was a long road, we are pleased to be able to offer this product. It is extremely personal to us as Makr’s beginnings were on paper. We hope this product will take you somewhere."

28 Apr 2013


London trio Daughter did a Live Lounge for Huw Stephens (who I bumped into at the British Library a couple weeks back, jokes) on BBC Radio 1 yesterday, and as well a couple of their own tracks from the superb debut album "If You Leave", they ended with the customary mystery cover and chose Daft Punk's new one. And isn't it amazing?

Make what you will of the original with Pharrell Williams (personally I'm a fan) but Daughter's distinct sound is beautifully infusing and it's a great match with this track "Get Lucky". They said on the show that the song's been on constant repeat since it came out and what a twist they've given it. I've bought tickets to see the band live in October and this just excites me all the more.

27 Apr 2013

SP: 001 – MUSIC A-Z

It's been exactly one year since I started this Blog. And today I'd like to introduce some new content that I have called Specials. It's really just a range of independent features that I want to share. I have some early ideas but I think it could include essays, illustrations and stuff like that. We'll see where it goes.

So here is the first piece, an A-Z of my favourite artists. I'm a huge lover for music and it's never easy to describe to someone what my style is. I've therefore put together this comprehensive list, though by no means full. I'm sure I've forgotten some names and of course there are tons more in my library. However the artists here do represent my taste well, all of whom I would be pouncing on for any new music or live shows – and the highlighted names are my very favourites. Like if this was a concert lineup, I would pay ridiculous moneys to be at the front row.

I more than encourage you to suggest some names you think should really be there. (I couldn't think of any artists for H, I, Y or Z...) As always please don't hesitate to contact me, I like a chat.


I'd seen this on my feeds a few weeks ago, a new quarterly publication by It's Nice That called "Printed Pages". Another reason to adore print stuffs, it looks like a great set of unique features including interviews with illustrators, graphic designers and a musician, as well as the man behind Apartamento magazine – one of my favourites as you know – all packed into a beautifully made 84-page document. (Many of the spreads I had actually pinned onto my Fine Print board on Pinterest already without knowing!)

I was walking by a bookstore near Old Street the other day and saw the bright red cover on one of the shelves so I've been lucky to pick up a copy, looks a grand read.


From: Marvel

Yes, Iron Man 3 is out in cinemas now I can tell you that I have seen it.

In fact, I was one of the first to do so, having watched the midnight screening on Wednesday night. A bunch of us went down to the Cineworld IMAX in Enfield amongst some of the keenest fans on the outskirts of London. It was actually a combo pack type thing, meaning the film was first preceded by the sort-of prequel, Avengers Assemble – six hours of immense Marvel action in IMAX 3D, oh how we were buzzing.

Anyway, Iron Man 3. I've been looking forward to this a lot, the third (and possibly final) act for one of my favourite superhero series, along side The Dark Knight trilogy of course. And I have to say it was epic. Like I cannot stress how good it was – I can't remember when I last felt so amazed leaving the cinema, perhaps not since Inception. But I genuinely thought that it was an amazing movie, so good I'd go see it again right now. We already know of and love Tony Stark, but this film takes it so much further. The story, the emotions, the tech, the humour (true hilarity) and the action, it was all so on point and this was such a well done movie, simply a must watch.

There's an interview by Robert Downey Jr. out there where he says something like: "We wanted to make the best possible Act Three that we could, and we have." Let me just confirm that he's fucking right.


From: Hard Graft

New in at Hard Graft, an Apple accessories brand that have heralded the wool-leather combination to great excellence, have unveiled another killer product. It's a leather bumper case for the iPhone 5 that comes with a wool felt cover, a really perfect item for protection and style. They've also sold the cover as an impromptu stand, which looks very neat. Of course made with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship that have made them so successful, it's things like this that make me want to upgrade my iPhone. Priced at a very reasonable and inexpensive £60, I'd say it's a no brainer.


Last weekend, Victate were invited to participate in a pop-up store organised by NYLC Supply. In a lovely space on Rivington Street, Shoreditch, we had a great time. Thanks to those that came, we enjoyed getting to speak with some interesting people and loyal customers. It was also probably the first time we've had the opportunity to show off some upcoming sample pieces that we're very excited about, and again it was nice for you guys to see the items up close in hand too.

These photographs are by no means official, just taken on my iPhone, but shows a little of what it was like. I reckon we'll have some proper shots up somewhere online soon!

19 Apr 2013


Icelandic group, Of Monsters And Men, who have made one of my favourite albums (ever), have been amongst the stand-out sets at Coachella this year – the best kind of festival music for me hands down. Here, at the Fuse VEVO House, they've recorded a live performance of the single "Mountain Sound". It's not exactly an acoustic version, considering their music is very much acoustic already, but let's call it a stripped down rendition, and it's expectedly very good. Oh and if anyone can tell me what on earth the drummer is doing, I'd appreciate it.

Coachella continues with the second weekend tonight and selected sets will again be viewable via the live YouTube streams. Definitely not to miss if you haven't caught the action yet, it's a great service.


This is Lana Del Rey's new video, dropped in the last hour or so, for her version of Lee Hazlewood's "Summer Wine". The video is just beautiful, as she returns to her favoured homemade vintage style, and she looks stunning in every shot. That's her singer boyfriend, frontman of Cassidy (who I would kill to be right now) looking all loved up together. Urgh.

17 Apr 2013


To celebrate my friend James' birthday, a group of us went to the fine restaurant that is Duck & Waffle in Bishopsgate. I was just expecting an expensive meal with good company, but it turns out that meal is not to be messed with.

Yes, it was expensive (we paid over £50 each) but it was quite simply amongst the best food I have ever eaten. And don't get me wrong, I do think that's a big statement. But the food was truly outstanding and I would have thought the same even without all the wine. I ordered a G&T cocktail at the bar as we waited for our table, its yuzu twist so on point, setting up what was to be an unforgettable evening of culinary delight. My main dish (who's name became the identity of the entire restaurant) was just exquisite. The combination of the fresh warm waffle, generous fried duck egg with the yolk perfect, served of course with the slow-roasted duck and a mustard maple syrup was so killer I couldn't stop grinning. The flavour and texture of the duck's superb balance of meat, fat and skin was extraordinary and nothing like anything I've tasted before. The phrase "melt in your mouth" was probably invented to describe this very dish.

Yeah that was an epic dinner. The restaurant's located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower, the lift ride in itself a great source of entertainment as we soar over the London skyline. And if you are acrophobic, I can guarantee that what you find at the top will be worth the ride. Man, happy birthday James.

16 Apr 2013


This band just made some sharp impact on me. With the news of their latest single featuring Justin Vernon, I've spent the last hour checking them out. And when I check something out, I'm like a fucking detective, especially when I'm so drawn.

A group formed in 2011, Minnesota, their debut material showcases gorgeous sounds of rich tone, rhythm and synths that I've grown to love so much in recent months. I instantly bought the first album "Give You The Ghost" on CD just now and I'm already excited for the second which is starting to build up as we speak, in preparation for a release later this year. But as mentioned (and embedded) above, they've collaborated with none other than Justin Vernon for the new track, who although may have called time on the Bon Iver project, is showing more musical extroversion than ever (what with his newly formed blues-infused group The Shouting Matches, whose debut album of their own came out only today).

Working with such talents speaks volumes alone, but the music is truly something amazing. It's not often I so quickly get this rush of excitement upon first listens. I watched their Coachella set too and they really are a quality artist, bursting with fresh ideas. You too can watch it, this the clip for their performance of "Amongster", track number one off the LP.


An exclusive featurette for Gizmodo called "Advancing The Tech", this promo gives an insight into Tony Stark's obsession for improving the Iron Man suits and it unveils some 42 working versions, and that's only at "the beginning of the movie". The film looks ridiculously entertaining and to hear Robert Downey Jr. state that this is the best possible Act III installment, I'm buzzing to watch this.

And watch this I shall, on none other than IMAX 3D, for one of the world's first showings at midnight next Thursday – oh and if that's not cool enough, the screening will be preceded by Avengers Assemble as well! How epic is that, a boy's dream.



Calvin Harris making me very jealous in this new video for "I Need Your Love" featuring Ellie Goulding.

14 Apr 2013


Proper quality from the stunning four-piece that is alt-J, performing their track "Breezeblocks" at the Mojave tent stage on the Friday. Great to see the place so enthusiastic and buzzing for the British band on day one of the dual weekend event.

I caught some other Brits doing their thing too, thanks to Coachella's official YouTube streaming service, including The xx, Bat For Lashes and Ben Howard last night. It's not easy to follow in UK time but I'm glad I did because we've been treated to some awesome sets. Tonight it's the turn of Jessie Ware and James Blake amongst others. I'm so feeling festival season!

13 Apr 2013


The sun was out yesterday. I was wearing shirt and trousers from Uniqlo, Albam's Alpine Harrington jacket, Archie V by Grenson and the Victate Monogram Cardholder.


An ingenious example of creative video editing by Simon Panrucker. I can only imagine how long this must have taken to complete, but it's a wonderfully fun idea that was definitely worth the time.

12 Apr 2013


New York brand 3Sixteen aim to make clothing and accessories to the highest standards possible, from materials to craftsmanship, utilising the best resources that America has to offer. This short video by Kellen Dengler follows the two gentlemen behind the company on a usual day of errands meeting friends, enjoying San Francisco and of course designing their goods. It's a lovely film and it portrays their lives as an idealistic one that you'd be lucky to have.


From: Freshness

From: Hypebeast

The Roshe Run has been supremely popular of late and I myself have seen it climb up my wishlist. Nike have unveiled several new releases for the running sneaker, including the pictured Camo series up top, as well as a range of smart tonal colourways like the navy/gold combination and burgundy options. There are even more in the pipeline for Summer 2013, such as the City Pack, Flywire infusion and of course the eagerly awaited NikeiD customisation. Busy times for Roshe fans to say the least. I've been informed by good authority that it's a damn fine choice for lightweight comfort that your feet will be thankful for.


We received this via text message the other day from one of the boys' mum, after he had spent three days with us camping. It read: "______'s first scrambled egg at home taught by Lee Coach! Yeah~~~!! Thanks!!" Now if that's not sweet, I don't know what is.

9 Apr 2013


I'm looking forward to seeing the motion picture itself for sure, a new sci-fi epic starring Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko, but the soundtrack is to be something else. Having recruited Anthony Gonzalez of M83, the score promises to be original and I think it's a perfect match. I can't wait to experience it together with the visuals (which don't look half bad itself) for some exceptional cinema. The album is actually streaming in full right now and what a stunning array of sound.


From: Paramore

With surviving a heavy fallout being the perception of many, Paramore have released their fourth studio album this week as a now three piece act. I can only see it as a natural progression though – life happens and here are a tight group of people talented in expressing and reflecting that. And this self-titled album perhaps succeeds in that very art of music, as they show far more than just gradual adaptation and growing maturity, but really excelling with their surroundings and it's almost like a phase of evolution that has taken place.

So it's no surprise that the band is shocked themselves by their own sound for this product. Drawing inspiration from all across the genre-scope, they have naturally experimented and explored aplenty, producing a stunning blend of musical variety that keeps the band current and accessible, whilst not for one second discarding their wild, fiery, youthful sounds of the past. Fans will be comforted by familiar rages of emotion but with such a wide range of influences directing their aesthetic, the rebooted Paramore is a very exciting monster indeed.

The latest single "Still Into You" may well be the most pop track on the record, but there's much more to get your taste buds going on this 17-track LP, all held together by a trio of raw interludes that make sure this is a wonderfully well-rounded piece of work. You can watch the new video below and the album is a must-buy for me, the Paramore journey seems only just to have begun.


From: Frank151

Have a read of our interview for New York based magazine Frank151, words by EDWRD. We went on a day out through the streets of Soho before hitting the Brixton studio of our friend and stylist Ayishat. My good old tote bag makes the header photograph, worn with my favoured Muji parka and Victate EXP001 jeans.

8 Apr 2013


From: Roberu Leather Factory

New in for Spring/Summer 2013 at Japanese leather house Roberu is this collaboration piece with VIVA JAPAN, a company dedicated to all things Made In Japan. This iPad Mini Zip Clutch Bag, called "KOWAKI", allows for storage up to A5 size with pockets for custom use, perfect for light luggage in an urban lifestyle. Smooth zip movement and Roberu's renowned leather quality ensure a luxurious feel, with two smart colourways available either in caramel or wine red. The lookbook does it sweet justice too, showcasing it in all its glory as a real style accessory, and of course with potential for great wear and ageing. 


A gorgeous video for a gorgeous song, this is the music video for SOHN's remix of "Open" by Rhye. The raw, soulful original is transformed into a rich, warming remix by the talented musician that is SOHN. It's just the kind of sound that totally encapsulates me and this video is fittingly cool with visual textures and vibrant colours.


The new film directed by Baz Luhrmann, out May 16 in the UK, not only stars two of my favourite actors in Leonardo DiCaprio and the lovely Carey Mulligan, but also features an epic soundtrack made up of a very current list of respected artists put together by Luhrmann and executive producer JAY Z. It includes a specially penned track by my personal paramour Lana Del Rey, as well as songs from the likes of The xx, Nero, Emeli Sandé, Gotye, Florence + The Machine, will.i.am, Beyoncé and JAY Z himself. Wow. The film itself is an amazing adaptation of a classic American story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald set in the 1920s, and it seems to have all the necessary ingredients to be a stunner. I definitely wouldn't want to miss it.


From: Darren Healey Portfolio

A lovely set of illustrations from graphic designer Darren Healey. Whilst unimpressed with the misspelling of 'stationery', I do like this fun series of colourful and inspiring depictions of some staple items (pun always intended).


Back from camping with the boys, I've had a day or two to reflect on what was a highly rewarding trip to the riverside in Marlow. We've taken the boys to the countryside twice before, but it was the first time to do it in such a cold season (hence the name Cool Sleepover).

Now trust me when I say it was extremely tough, with temperatures fluctuating a minute range around freezing. I basically spent 72 hours wrapped in a dozen layers, everything to Heattech long johns and padded down jackets. But as is always the case, the boys we took (17 this time) provided so much warmth for me and the other Coaches – their strength, character and togetherness at times overwhelming us with pride. Exaggerate you I not; the way they handled living in such harsh conditions, how they challenged the activities including rock climbing heights and wet kayaking lessons, and of course the fun that they created in doing so is extraordinary. A group of fighters they are, who just never fail to impress me.

I must add that these three or four days were physically the most draining experience I can remember and I worked damn hard, but I won't dwell on that, as I feel only a sense of satisfaction and gratification right now. As usual, I'll now sit down to produce a movie for our trip, but before I can do that we have the small matter of Easter Holiday Club to tend to, three full days of team training as we begin preparations for the annual round of summer tournaments. A proper fortnight packed with JFC activity of all varieties huh. I tell you it's a great little job I have.

4 Apr 2013


I've just completed my packing as we head off for our three-day camping trip tomorrow with 16 JFC boys. Layer after layer after layer is my thinking. Today was absolutely crazy as three of us coaches went on site to prep for our stay, including van hire and tent erection (having raided Asda last night for groceries and general stock). Tent building was mental – think gale-force winds, freezing temperatures and damn fiddly structures. I feel knackered already and the trip's not begun yet. Oh and as it's a Wednesday we had to rush back to give the evening lesson as usual. Shit son.

But I must say. It's going to be a great trip. The boys are excited and for sure we're gonna have fun. I'll be offline for a couple days and I think that's another thing to look forward to. Ok bye.