9 Apr 2013


From: Paramore

With surviving a heavy fallout being the perception of many, Paramore have released their fourth studio album this week as a now three piece act. I can only see it as a natural progression though – life happens and here are a tight group of people talented in expressing and reflecting that. And this self-titled album perhaps succeeds in that very art of music, as they show far more than just gradual adaptation and growing maturity, but really excelling with their surroundings and it's almost like a phase of evolution that has taken place.

So it's no surprise that the band is shocked themselves by their own sound for this product. Drawing inspiration from all across the genre-scope, they have naturally experimented and explored aplenty, producing a stunning blend of musical variety that keeps the band current and accessible, whilst not for one second discarding their wild, fiery, youthful sounds of the past. Fans will be comforted by familiar rages of emotion but with such a wide range of influences directing their aesthetic, the rebooted Paramore is a very exciting monster indeed.

The latest single "Still Into You" may well be the most pop track on the record, but there's much more to get your taste buds going on this 17-track LP, all held together by a trio of raw interludes that make sure this is a wonderfully well-rounded piece of work. You can watch the new video below and the album is a must-buy for me, the Paramore journey seems only just to have begun.

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