16 Apr 2013


This band just made some sharp impact on me. With the news of their latest single featuring Justin Vernon, I've spent the last hour checking them out. And when I check something out, I'm like a fucking detective, especially when I'm so drawn.

A group formed in 2011, Minnesota, their debut material showcases gorgeous sounds of rich tone, rhythm and synths that I've grown to love so much in recent months. I instantly bought the first album "Give You The Ghost" on CD just now and I'm already excited for the second which is starting to build up as we speak, in preparation for a release later this year. But as mentioned (and embedded) above, they've collaborated with none other than Justin Vernon for the new track, who although may have called time on the Bon Iver project, is showing more musical extroversion than ever (what with his newly formed blues-infused group The Shouting Matches, whose debut album of their own came out only today).

Working with such talents speaks volumes alone, but the music is truly something amazing. It's not often I so quickly get this rush of excitement upon first listens. I watched their Coachella set too and they really are a quality artist, bursting with fresh ideas. You too can watch it, this the clip for their performance of "Amongster", track number one off the LP.

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