17 Apr 2013


To celebrate my friend James' birthday, a group of us went to the fine restaurant that is Duck & Waffle in Bishopsgate. I was just expecting an expensive meal with good company, but it turns out that meal is not to be messed with.

Yes, it was expensive (we paid over £50 each) but it was quite simply amongst the best food I have ever eaten. And don't get me wrong, I do think that's a big statement. But the food was truly outstanding and I would have thought the same even without all the wine. I ordered a G&T cocktail at the bar as we waited for our table, its yuzu twist so on point, setting up what was to be an unforgettable evening of culinary delight. My main dish (who's name became the identity of the entire restaurant) was just exquisite. The combination of the fresh warm waffle, generous fried duck egg with the yolk perfect, served of course with the slow-roasted duck and a mustard maple syrup was so killer I couldn't stop grinning. The flavour and texture of the duck's superb balance of meat, fat and skin was extraordinary and nothing like anything I've tasted before. The phrase "melt in your mouth" was probably invented to describe this very dish.

Yeah that was an epic dinner. The restaurant's located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower, the lift ride in itself a great source of entertainment as we soar over the London skyline. And if you are acrophobic, I can guarantee that what you find at the top will be worth the ride. Man, happy birthday James.

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