27 Apr 2013

SP: 001 – MUSIC A-Z

It's been exactly one year since I started this Blog. And today I'd like to introduce some new content that I have called Specials. It's really just a range of independent features that I want to share. I have some early ideas but I think it could include essays, illustrations and stuff like that. We'll see where it goes.

So here is the first piece, an A-Z of my favourite artists. I'm a huge lover for music and it's never easy to describe to someone what my style is. I've therefore put together this comprehensive list, though by no means full. I'm sure I've forgotten some names and of course there are tons more in my library. However the artists here do represent my taste well, all of whom I would be pouncing on for any new music or live shows – and the highlighted names are my very favourites. Like if this was a concert lineup, I would pay ridiculous moneys to be at the front row.

I more than encourage you to suggest some names you think should really be there. (I couldn't think of any artists for H, I, Y or Z...) As always please don't hesitate to contact me, I like a chat.

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