27 Apr 2013


From: Marvel

Yes, Iron Man 3 is out in cinemas now I can tell you that I have seen it.

In fact, I was one of the first to do so, having watched the midnight screening on Wednesday night. A bunch of us went down to the Cineworld IMAX in Enfield amongst some of the keenest fans on the outskirts of London. It was actually a combo pack type thing, meaning the film was first preceded by the sort-of prequel, Avengers Assemble – six hours of immense Marvel action in IMAX 3D, oh how we were buzzing.

Anyway, Iron Man 3. I've been looking forward to this a lot, the third (and possibly final) act for one of my favourite superhero series, along side The Dark Knight trilogy of course. And I have to say it was epic. Like I cannot stress how good it was – I can't remember when I last felt so amazed leaving the cinema, perhaps not since Inception. But I genuinely thought that it was an amazing movie, so good I'd go see it again right now. We already know of and love Tony Stark, but this film takes it so much further. The story, the emotions, the tech, the humour (true hilarity) and the action, it was all so on point and this was such a well done movie, simply a must watch.

There's an interview by Robert Downey Jr. out there where he says something like: "We wanted to make the best possible Act Three that we could, and we have." Let me just confirm that he's fucking right.

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